The following course descriptions are from the current Vassar College Catalogue.

I. Introductory

The courses listed below are introductions to the discipline of political science: American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Politics, and Political Theory. One introductory course is required of majors. No more than two introductory courses in different subfields may be counted towards the major. Except where otherwise noted, enrollment of juniors and seniors for 100-level courses by permission of the instructor only.

II. Intermediate

Prerequisite: Freshmen may take a 200-level course only with the permission of the instructor, which usually requires satisfactory completion of an introductory course. For sophomores, juniors, and seniors, an introductory course is recommended but not required.

A. American Politics

B. Comparative Politics

C. International Politics

D. Political Theory

E. Other

III. Advanced

Courses numbered 310-319 are advanced courses that meet twice a week and are limited to nineteen students. These courses do not require permission of the instructor for sophomores, juniors, and seniors who have taken at least one previous political science course. These courses can meet the requirement for two graded 300-level courses but do not meet the requirement of one 300-level seminar during the senior year. Seminars in the 340s, 350s, 360s, and 370s are generally limited to twelve students and require permission of the instructor. Students taking seminars are expected to have taken relevant course-work at a lower level. The content of seminars can vary from year to year depending upon interests of students and instructors. Seminars might focus on topics too specialized to receive exhaustive treatment in lower-level courses; they might explore particular approaches to the discipline or particular methods of research; they might be concerned with especially difficult problems in political life, or be oriented toward a research project of the instructor. The thesis (POLI 300, POLI 301, POLI 302) and senior independent work (POLI 399) require permission of the instructor.

A. Optional Senior Thesis

B. American Politics Seminars

C. Comparative Politics Seminars

D. International Politics Seminars

E. Political Theory Seminars

F. Other